Rent Storage

In order to move in the following process must be completed...

1. Call us to confirm we have a space, and the property you want to park is permitted.

2. Pick a space size below and click reserve now. Fill out the information to create an account. You will be prompted for your         payment info at this time. You will not be charged until the entire process is complete.

3. Email the required documentation (Drivers License / Proof of ownership) to

4. After the first 3 steps are complete, a rental agreement will be sent to your email for E-signature.

5. After signing the rental agreement, your card will be charged and you will be given a gate code.

6. Move In!

25 Ft (25 x 10)

$100 / month

Waiting List

35 Ft (35 x 11)

$120 / month

Waiting List

30 Ft (30 x 11)

$110 / month

Waiting List

40 Ft (40 x 11)

$130 / month

Waiting List

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